What is Tandem MOOC?

Tandem MOOC employs a methodology that has never been used in a MOOC before. The format might appear the same as other MOOCs, but what is different about this course is its focus is primarily on learning.

Talk to other students

Roulette Tandem

This tool which pairs you up with a conversation partner if there is someone online.

YouChoose Tandem

You can use this tool to meet people you have organised to do a tandem with. There will be more information on how to use this tool during the course.

How does it work?

Using the tools, you can meet other students. These meetings are called tandems.

During your tandems, you work with your partner to carry out communicative tasks. Some tasks are in the language you’re an expert speaker of and some are in the language that you are learning.

Your partner can give you feedback on the conversation in the language you’re learning as you’re doing the tandem. They’ll also be able to give you written feedback once you’ve finished the tandem.

For each tandem you do, you earn points. Every week, students with the most points will be chosen to participate in an activity with the teacher and have the chance to receive more specific feedback on their oral production in the language they’re learning.

Get your certificate

At the end of the course, a certificate will be available for students who have completed 12 or more tandems over the 6 weeks of the course and also completed the course evaluation questionnaire.

See you soon in Tandem MOOC!