Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need to be able to do this course?

You’ll need a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a stable internet connection, camera and microphone. You may need to close some programs so that your system can launch the Tandem MOOC tools.

We also strongly recommend the use of headphones during tandems to reduce echo.

I haven’t received the confirmation email. What should I do?

First, check your email’s spam folder, or any other folder that it might have arrived to. We also ask you to be patient as sometimes the mail can take a few moments to arrive. If you still haven’t received anything after two hours, please let us know by sending an email to and we’ll see what’s going on.

I can’t remember my password.

Don’t worry! Just click here to reset it.

It’s my first day on the course. Where do I start?

First of all, log in with your username and password. Click on Access the Course button and you’ll go into the classroom. Once you’re there, visit the Welcome section and watch the videos to understand how the course works. Then, check out the material for the week and follow the links to help you find the tools.

Still have doubts?

Can’t find what you’re looking for?