This MOOC is an initiative from the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). It runs on the SpeakApps project platform and uses its tools.

This video from 2014 explains how tandemMOOC works.

What is SpeakApps?

Because of the difficulties of ensuring that students have enough time to practise speaking and get feedback, the SpeakApps project created an open source online platform for practising speaking online. The ultimate aim of SpeakApps is to help the community of foreign language teachers and students have access to tools to help them.

What is the tandemMOOC project?

The tandemMOOC project was born in order to improve foreign language learners’ opportunities to practice their English and Spanish conversation skills in e-tandem, and to provide the foreign language teaching community with new insights into this topic. Therefore, research carried out in tandemMOOC has mostly focused on learners’ emotions and experience within the course, their intercultural communication competence and speaking abilities, and in course and task design.

What are the research outcomes?

Previous research carried out on tandemMOOC shows that practice in e-tandem contributes to the improvement of learners’ fluency and self-confidence when speaking in a foreign language. Moreover, research outcomes also reveal that the learning environment of tandemMOOC might trigger certain e-tandem learners’ emotions, such as foreign language anxiety, although it tends to decrease as learners’ practice within the course goes on.

Read more about the research outcomes here:

Appel, Christine & Pujolà, Joan-Tomàs 2021: Designing speaking interaction in LMOOCs: An eTandem approach. ReCALL 33 (2).