Note: there are no required apps or downloads for this course but we suggest you install Telegram (available on your phone and/or computer). We use a social group on Telegram as an additional space to help you organise times to do tandems.

Roulette Tandem Just like the name suggests, it’s a roulette as to who you’ll meet. Go into the tool and if there’s someone online, you’ll be paired with them to complete a random task related to the week’s topic. If there are no native speakers of the language you’re learning online at the time but there are people waiting, you’ll be paired with another learner in order to maximise your opportunities to practise speaking.

YouChoose Tandem This is where you meet people that you have organised a time to meet with. YouChoose the person and YouChoose the task. There are a few different ways to contact people and more information is given inside the course.

Forum with video This is a place where you can practise longer turns and monologues in response to a task (much like in exams). You can participate by uploading a video or simply writing a response to a video that is already there.

Portfolio This is where you can see all the information about the tandems you’ve done. You’ll also be able to see any feedback your partner has given you and be able to leave feedback if you haven’t done so yet. You can also access your own videos in order to review your progress and performance and help you notice things about your own language production that you might not notice when you’re speaking.