How it works

tandemMOOC uses a methodology that has never been tried before in a MOOC. You’re probably familiar with the basic format from other sites but this course has a learning focus. Basically, this is how it works:

We have a couple of tools you can use to talk to other students:

  • The Roulette Tandem matches you with a partner if there is someone online.
  • The YouChoose Tandem is where you meet people you have arranged to meet beforehand. There are more details on how to do this in the course.

During the tandems, you work together to complete tasks; some in your first language, some in the language you’re learning.

Your partner can give you feedback on your speaking during the tandem itself and there’s also an extra opportunity to leave written feedback after you finish.

For every tandem you do, there’s the possibility of earning points. The person with the most points at the end of each week will win a tandem with a teacher and be able to get concrete feedback on their speaking.

At the end of the course, a Course Certificate is available for all students who have completed 12 or more tandems during the active 6 weeks and completed the feedback form.